Level 2 Diploma Performing Arts Production Media Makeup

This Diploma consists of 5 core units plus 12 specialist units. The course is run over 2 years.

What is Make Up?

Cosmetology is the name given to the study of make up application. The word comes from the Greek word Kosmeetin, which means to arrange, or to adorn.

Since the beginning of time, people have decorated their faces and bodies.

If you look at the world today, from the most primative tribes living in the Amozon Rainforest, to ultra sophisticated business women in the most developed countries, make up is used for a number of purposes.

Make up can be used to identify groups, there is little difference between tribal make up and that worn by youth groups such as "Gothics" and "Punks"

Just as make up in the theatre or television can allow an actor to play a part, everyday make up can provide a confidence boosting "mask" behind which people can carry out their everyday role with confidence.

An important role is that of the camourfage make up artist who enhances the appearance of people with disfigurements, be they birth marks or prosthetic appliances needed to help restore confidence after trauma. 

Make up can define and refine features, enhancing the good points whilst minimising the faults. It can also help to protect your skin from dehydration, sunlight, dust and dirt.

Whatever make up look you want to achieve, colours must be selected carefully and applied with the correct tools.

Health and safety guidelines must always be aherred to.

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